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Friday, March 4, 2011

Its been long ,
my life sucks ,
i hav offically quit audi coz of him ,
if u wan me back ,
beg me ,
im addicted to world of magic(wom)
if u wan me quit , make me .
world of magic is some how btr thn maple
mayb coz of hackers ?
im gotta go play and watch my anime , himari omamori .

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laughs ,
bck from japan~
i went ski n disney land
had a lot of fun
sry bt i didnt took photos during th trip

im blogging nw coz baby ask mi to .
i bought bck chocolates ,
one piece items ,
n many more~
im bored
ok go slp leh~

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Yawnz .
update blog since it is so...
Dead .
so nw holidays alr ~
can play n play n slp n play~
bt our dear mrs ng giv us hw ._.''
maths hw every week TT
i still haven do finish mine
i bet mahbuba has done them alr

dunno wad to post~
oh ya..
i gt my third ring in audi <3
yay mi ! :)
thanks to SilenceFate Baby for giving mi th ring ^^
muacks baby !
i wonder if i should strt on fam blog nw ._.
dun feel like doing sia..

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hiiiiii ~
decided to blog agn .
Can't bare to see my blog so dead ...
Ok so my exams r over
yay >< !
tats means
AUDI !!!!
<333333 !!
I miss ue Audi <3
-mua Audi -

hehe >~<
first time in my life
my mom allow mi to flunk one of my subs
n tat is home economics
she say she doesn't care abt it
n hence ,
allow mi to flunk tat sub
tis time th exams timetable sux ttm
lit one day
hist n home economics one day
maths p1 n geo one day
sci n maths p2 one day
patheic rite ?

went out wif Tanny n Huiqi
I n Huiqi meet at tiong at 1
to buy present for Tanny
as her birthday is on 16
so mi n Huiqi went more thn words to buy
we bought stitch for her
we wanted to buy zhu zhu at first
bt too ex-.-||
afta buying we went mac to slack n meet Tanny
n buy double choco frappé n fries
Huiqi bought mocha frappé n fries
thn we eat n slack
n agn
I can't seem to open th chill packet -.-
th chill had a hard time comin out
opening too small -.-
Tanny saw us n came to sit wif us
mi n Huiqi hav to hide th present
hehe ~
I hid it under th table
rofl .
Thn whn Tanny came bck from buying frappé
we thn giv her
I giv her Mahbuba present to her too
Mahbuba can't make it on tat day
coz of some dunno wad er prayer I tink
Tanny seems happy wif our present
n says tat Mahbuba has put a lot of layers of tape
I oso bought 20k acash
ltr we went n walk around
mi n Tanny went to arcade n play
Tanny play drums while mi n Huiqi watch
ltr mi n Tanny play guitar
my guitar like spoilt -.-
veri hard to play
so Tanny offered to chg guitar wif mi
we played th same song 3 time as I requested
I tink I just luv tat song too much
in th end , I win Tanny :D
yay mi !

Ok tats all I m gotta post
mi luv ur baby !
Tmr is our _________
hehe >< !

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hii all ~
meow :3
so today is my lit exams ...
wish mi luck guys !
If ue wish mi luck ,
I will wish ue luck too .
My exams will b over on 14 oct
while baby one is on 12 oct -.-||
so whn he lax alr , I still nid study .
Wth .

Time to go sch !
Bye guys :D

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bck to blogging :D
usin iPhone to blog FYI .
So today I woke up at 7
nt my usual time .
Wanted to slp until 12 bt sadly can't .
I oso dreamt of something stupid last night
it is abt earthworms._.''
ue wan know more ?
Ask mi in fb .

Morning went breakfast wif mom n dad
so we went maxwell
half way walking home ,
rain -.-||
nvr bring umbrella oso ...
I was like WTF .
Bt I didn't get really tat wet .
Th rain stop 5 mins ltr .

So , bck at home ,
I went n study sci n my mom went n piss mi off
afta sci , do maths lor .
Praticially , I was half slacking half doing .
Can't stop playin wif my iPhone .
I m addicted to it ...
So I study all th way till 7
11-7 studying -.-
tired die .

Afta tat eat dinner n play Audi ><
I was in my rm toking to beibei jieh
whn pc n his kor came
he still rmb mi
I still rmb him
his skills I see improve a bit
my skills improve nt deprove FYI mr pc
n btw pc ,
plz tag b4 ue leave my blog
I wan ue to tag so I knownue came to my blog
k ?
Tyvm in advance
ok bck to story .
Tok to pc for a rather long time.
Seems like he wan to b single foreva
so jiayous on tat .

Played wif him n his kor n snowyking .
All masters onli I member-.-
n all bully mi >.>
bt I was able to win quite a few rounds
in th end .
Played 1,2 fiesta , I Kip insane chain .
Played SOS , I oso Kip insane
other songs , I Kip perf .
So bascially , I m a chainer :)
n nt chancer -.-

zzz , pc dun hav to tell ppl I dun chance .
I chance hor ! Bt nt so much ... Hehe ...
Had a lot of fun wif him :D
it actually lighten up my mood for today
feel so nice right nw :)

anyway , I will b away on dec as I m goin bck to
japan ~ ><
so called goin bck .
I m nt Japanese .
I m a Singaporean
bt I treat japan as my 2nd home ~
ok , goin out on 15 oct for a surprise
1st nov wif bffl n bf .
Rest still nt sure .

tat reminds mi ,
I gt fine -.-
for wad ?
Eating in th mrt -.-
I didn't eat
I onli bite straw
th stupid assitant lady say I drink
fker beetch !
Daughter of a beetch !
Ok time to chill .
N slp >< !
mi luv slp >< ~

nights ! ><

Baby mi luv ue foreva muamua ~
<3 my heart will always b wif ue
180810 , 120910 n 180910
best days of my life wif ue :)

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Monday, August 30, 2010

ok , i feel bad abt nt posting for like
i dunno how mant months?
so ya , i m always playing audi .
bo time visit blog
bt dunno y gt time to use fb
so audi i bought 50k today=.=
n my 50 bucks is gone :(

sho , since i broke up wif him
i went wif another guy
which is totally gd to mi
so much btr><
nt like some ppl
he is cute to mi
bt to ue guys mi dunno
though i m sad for his skin D:

Even th perfect person will b imperfect
sometimes .

tmr goin bck zdps
wonder how th others look like
hopefully everything can do well n smooth
well , gtg liao
cya next time :)

Baby , mi luv ue foreva<3
our hearts r link as one ~
foreva tgt nvr apart !
muacks baby ! luv ue always :)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I m a failure.
I can't do anything.
I never hav real love.
Always in sorrow.
Never once happy.
Mayb tat is wad I m born for.
Mayb I m born to die.
I m a nobody.
A stranger whonia willing to die,
die for nothing.
I promise,no,I swear
I will nvr b th same.
Leave mi alone
dun care abt mi
Never do it.....
It will b ur worst regret in ur life....

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

sup guys
veri long nvr post liao lor
busy playing
plus nth to post too
currently still playin audi
n bought new converse shoes
n new hp too:)
it is a iphone if ue guys dunno
dun worry
ur parents will buy for ue one some day de
:) cya~

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

hii all,
trying my best to post !
haiz... so bored..
dad just scolded mi for playin too much
do i play a lot?

For DOA Fam Memebers:
pls giv mi ur link in my tagbox
if ue wan to b link ty

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sry for making tis blog dead..
i hav being playin audi
n hav no mood blogging
n oso haven being tagging much
due to audi too
audi chg a lot to mi sia
my game in fb...
i haven being playin it
so yea...

bt i m bck to blogging nw
since i hav to dl audi agn..
bt one lappy tis time
n will lag more
great'just great
i oso haven finish my hw
n sck goin to open in like 1 week time
i still left 10 papers of maths..
tis sux

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

well, i haven being post due to mi
being lazy
of coz...
n ya friday i m goin to camp
all th way to sunday
so no time to post
thn thrus goin out wif
twinneh n darling:)
they r th best!
bt we go is coz gt project..
although diff class
bt same hw
so go tgt lor

n ya...
like a lot ppl says...
i m veri lazy
i haven do my hw at all
n english i m planning to cheat
by copying answer
maths still doin
i duuno wad i m doin
random choose paper n do....

sci some i dunno
planning to ask oso
history just do finish
geo haven strt
as everybody dunno how do....
okok i go watch my shows alr

to baby...
whn r ue goin to b bck to normal
i hope tat ue could b happy wif mi.
n nt leaving mi alone
alone in th darkness
i hope ue will come bck to mi
tok to mi
n make mi happi
happy like my oldself
i m alr dying without ue...
come back..
come back...

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i guess i hav been lazy
lazy enough nt to blog
sry guys
seriously i m
currently spamming on fb
wif celeste of coz
i brian niang goin to kill us
coz we spam until 200+
n so ya..
bt if he kill mi,
i m gotta haunt him

i will b a gd ghost thn
dun ue tink so?
so ya..
n nw on fb, celeste is sayin mi a paikia
bt i m a ah lian
like baby<3 say so
bt celeste say she is a guai kia
truth is she is a ah seng
tom boi one
sry celeste, bt tis is th truth

ya so camp comin oso
damn excited
bt hw haven do finish
bt miss mahbuba
has done all th maths work

n gorden call her a mad dog
tis time i hav to agree
bt th prob to everyone
abt th hw is geo
almost everyone dunno how do th article one
i bought th construction paper bt nvr do
tis time die...

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Friday, May 28, 2010

super angry at com rite nw
so lag
fb w8 so long
for like 15 mins alr still cant work
fuck la!
damn bull shit
internet connect ion so gd still cant work

n nw i having prob wif my blog songs
i on com until nw cant work
piece of bull shit

today my day is simple
morning wake up at 12.30
went out to shop from 1-7
thn come bck n gotta
use th com until fb can work
n until i happy

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

today nth much
onli until art
teacher wan us to draw th person beside ue
th face
idk how draw
so i draw pei pei until
mayb dun say btr
thn pei pei draw
nt bad la
quite ok la

thn teacher choose 5 ppl b model
they are...
ding hao,
jun ming,
ok so they r th model
dinghao nid pose for 15 mins
hazmi 1min
alden 10 min
jun ming 5 min
bryan 3min
so hazmi wan more time
so chg wif ding hao

n ya ding hao pose 1 min
he do sitting=.=
i draw him as snowman
byran a bit snowman n stick man:)
junming half body
alden er.....
th pose was like superman
n he kip complaining pain
kip moving oso
thn hazmi turn
rofl sia
he gay la
do gay pose
teacher still say
:i like/love tat, pose tat
thn during mr ho period
which was suppose to b mt
he giv out report book
i gt 18 position!
yay mi!
my wishie came true
bt th stupid thing is
my ca marks pull mi down=.=

n in lvl position is 34
just nice able to b in my class
coz my class gt 34 ppl
marie gt 17 position in class
peipei 8(pro!)
benjamin gt 19
bt funny thing is
my lvl position is 34
n benjamin is 40 or 50 plus
n our class position is tgt
i guess a lot ppl gt th marks between mi
n bejamin
so druing th period
i sotta hit david
coz he was annoying pei pei

n i make his spec tilt to one side
so ya
sry david!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

today went to singapore river for amazing race
n so we hav to b in groups
tot can own self choose
by end up is they choose
so i m stuck wif amanda
n gorden
zzz sick of it..
n gorden haiz
all he tink is break
n break
if nt break thn food

i gt annoyed so impoke him
wif a black pen
n ya..
end up his shirt is full of
my black ink
bt it is a must
n whn th amazing race strt
we hav to run
bt end up
gorden walk
so i use my pen n poke him
sotta threaten him
onli thn he will run

thn done first station
whn second
read th clue thn go
n agn..
gorden nvr run
so use th same method
thn dun wan use pen
instead i pull him
thn hazmi say dun pull
ok la, i listen
guess wad hazmi did
he force gorden to run
so i n amanda run oso
we saw indra on th way

thn on th brigde
indra group n my group race to th second station
whn hazmi was doin th station
i n amanda gt arttacted to a
ice cream stall
amanda wan ice cream bt no money
so i treat her agn
i m a gd gal de:)
so she eat chocolate ice cream,
i eat ripple
i luv it
while hazmi...
still so hardwork
doin th worksheet

gt clue agn
went to th place whr hav th music thingy
amanda know whr
coz she went b4
help a lot
thn while walking
indra was following us
whn we reach
we strt doin
halfway doin
indra came
bt before he enter
th bird shitted on him
bt nt really shit on him la
nearly shit on him

actually most of th ppl gt shit
on their shirt
coz th birds...
so done alr
went to sir stanford raffles
thr to get worksheet
n while doin
mi n amanda went to buy drinks
weather hot ma
i treat amanda agn

n hazmi was doin
gorden was talking to gals
whn we came bck from buying
hazmi still doin
n gorden still talking
feeling guilty
i went n help
so done
do last worksheet
it was hard
n i mean hard
fucking hard
all abt social studies
so we were tinking
bt end up
we decideed to giv up
just like nixon group
giv up
tot of nt giving up

bt it is a +1-1 choice
if we continue
we will lose points
if we giv up
we will oso lose points
went bck to th starting point
saw other thr oso
i n amanda agn brought things n eat
on th way back
reach th starting point alr
jun ming first ask was can i hav some
i was like no~
thn joseph ask
ok la
giv him la
plus he oso gd boi
giv lor~
afta tat nid do feedback form
i everything wrote
onli 2 diagree
n 1 strongly disagree
which was th last one

so done everything alr
whn goin bck to th bus
joseph said bai to mi
aww so sweet of him
so ya
reach sch went to sp
i brough kfc
i miss my kfc
so long nvr eat alr
i brought snackers
n cheese fries
bestie went to cheers n buy pepsi
so nice~
popcorn chicken rox!

oh ya
i forgt
on my way to sp
i saw raymond behind mi n bestie
i first thing i said was
it is true ok
almost everywhr i saw him on
thn bestie say he gt meantal prob
i agree oso
thn raymond say i mental prob
so end up
i n him fighting agn=.=
great, just great

today is 26 may anyway
so i would like to say tis

okok, mayb i was a bit wad on
th third sentence
anyways adioz!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

hey all,
nvr post ytd coz i was busy
ok la nt busy
i was playin manjong ok?
i admit alr la!
ytd went for car washing

out of 4 hours
my group onli wash 2 cars
bt at least we earn 60 bucks
coz one car wash is 30 bucks
ex rite?
ya lor..
like everyone says it

we onli wash 2 cars coz
th first car we wash alr
thn w8 n w8
w8 so long liao
thn go mac rest n eat
n chat n slack
thn went out agn
w8 agn
no car for us to wash

so go playground play lor
thn gt one rope thingy
idk wad it is call
so i climb it wif amanda
half way goin up
i sotta stuck
dunno how go up or down
n celeste(camera woman)
took my pic=.=
n since she is camera woman
end up n pei pei n amanda
kena caught in her shoots

so ya
we play n play
thn went bck to th place
thn we feel like
washing one more car
so we did
th car we chose
is dirty
n i mean dirty
from white to dunno wad colour
so we wash
i spray water first
bt end up
i spray at other ppl
so sry!

wash n wash
we wash quite well oso
th car is bck to white!
th guy in charge of th car wash
oso say we gd

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

ps abt nt blogging
i was lazy..
seriously i m
i kinda gt bored of blog
thn nt bored liao
weird rite?
yes, tat th person i m

ok guess i gotta do my holiday hw alr
coz like i said to everyone
mrs ng suxs
n oso holiday is ruined by her
so ya
strt to hate her alr
bt thn
she oso QUITE jokey wif my class
like whn yun sheng wan go toilet
mrs ng end up giv him nt a pass
bt a rubber band
well, i m nt goin to tell y
rubber band
go tink

continuing th story
mrs ng tot aaron gt th gals thingy
th one onli gals hav
strt wif M
i guess ue guys should know wad it is
coz aaron gt severve stomach pain
so nvr come sku
so mrs ng tot aaron
gt th gal thing
everybody was like

pedo rite mrs ng?
so ya
n tmr gotta wash car
help th handicap ppl
i guess i gotta get wet
by pouring ppl water
n myself too
so nid to bring extra clothes

actually i dunno how wash care
in th first place
bt nw currently
impaitent abt camp
i gotta bring a lot of thing=.=
like usual

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today so fun~
so happy n hyper~
today morning mr hohohoho came
he ask th whole class
dunno wad plants thingy
wad look afta it
aiya i dunno la!

afta mr hohohohoho go
is dnt
i tot no more dnt
coz teacher say smth abt
last lesson
thn mrs lee came
she brought us to dnt rm
she ask th whole class do wad
fusion design
bryan ong nvr do anything
n i mean anything
he busy playin
ask him colour,
nvr color properly
ask him tink of design
he go tink of watch n knife

end up i n amanda giv up on him
afta dnt n teacher return our chairs
we went bck to class
everyone was like
y teacher dismiss us early de...
thn mr hohohohohoho lesson
didnt do much
onli tok abt th plant thingy
just to confirm
n take 30 mins to do tat

afta sci is mt
bestie went to library
left mi alone..
i went to th bck n sit
whr i usually sit
i talk to yu kai n celeste
at least they kip mi company
afta mt is recess
mi,bestie,darling n twinneh went to canteen
darling n twinneh went to buy first
while i n bestie go down

we tok n eat
darling n twinneh both fail sub
i nvr
onli lit heng
border line
still angry at marks
afta recess
we all went to th hall
i oso scare darling on th way up
coz she wan scare mi
bt i win:)
thn i n twinneh decide to pull
darling hair
n darling know liao went running
i n twinneh chase afta her

like playin catching
thn afta catching darling
mi,darling n twinneh
decide to pull bestie hair
i use her hair as rope to pull horse
we kip pulling her hair all th way
to class
thn is el period
i busy playin bestie hp
bestie busy playin my hp
i was kip saying fuck at th hp
n bestie kip playin th love test game
which is in italian

afta el
is fucking maths
today weird
mrs ng is happy
n jokey
nt her type
thn whn she come in
she say
wa..th class suddenly so quiet
like duh
we guai ma
bt nt guai kia

thn she ask us whr is brian
we say he nvr come
thn mrs ng strt saying abt brian being cute
say she miss him
all th cute cute face
i was like diao=.=
thn she tok abt yun sheng
i was like diao agn

afta maths is music
everybody wan to go com lab
coz wan use com to play fb
ok la
i was one of them
bt teacher say nt goin
awww so sad
instead she teach us
dunno bass smth
n smth
i nvr listen to class
nvr i tell ue
ok tats all bai~

I Was Created @ 11:54 PM
This Is My Love -

feeling btr nw...
coz bestie,darling n twinneh cheer mi up
bt gt one fucking person did nt
n tat is th fucking bitchy maths teacher
always come afta mi one lor
wad de fuck i do
thn like so gd to other ppl
fucker la

bitch oso chg my place
end up i sit in front
nearer to l_______d______
n A______
i m nt goin to tell ue hu they r
bt for ppl hu know them
dun tell thanks:)
luv ya

i ended up sitting wif pei pei
beside mi is chester:)
in front is bryan ONG
n behind is gangsterXD
so ya
bt i dun like to sit in front
always gt all th attention

cant do private things one lor
like playin wif my hp
tats y i like chinese class
can tok to yu kai
n celeste too:)
brain niang niang~ too

today gt bck eng,geo n art paper
Lit:50(just pass)
Hit:55(i wan kill teacher)

tats all my results...
gotta kill teacher
n ytd i was emo coz results
ppl hu r in my class
should know

okok i gotta reply taggies:)
celeste: LOL,not freak larh,just addicted.
Mi:i still say freak:)

Glorianne ,: RAWR back . (:
another tag to liven up this tagboard .
(: TAG !!
Mi:unfair! i wanna tag more!

Sherelyn: Tagtagtagtagtagtag!
(repeat an infinity times . ) .

Sherelyn: Llolololol, what's with
the emo poem? D: . Of course
there's people that love you ! LIKE
ME ! .
Mi:hahas, thanks for cheering mi.
th emo poem is coz ytd
i was very upset,begin emo-in
here n thr
n luv ya<3

tats all XP

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Was I Born For?
I was born with eyes but cant see
I was born with brains but cant think
I was born with a heart that cant love
I was born with no happiness,
only sadness
being lonely is the word i only can think of

maybe i was born being emotionless
if i wasnt born with any,
thn what was i born for...

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Monday, May 17, 2010

ok so thr is a survey i nid do
here it is...

1)Whats ur full name?
Cheong Si Wei.lol

2)Have you kiessed anyone in the last 48 hours?

3)Have you cried today?

4)What are you doing tis morning at 8am?
seeing ppl doin pe

5)What were you doing an hour ago?
playin fb?

6)What are you currently doin?
listening to music n doin th survey?

7)Have you told anyone you love them today?

8)Do you miss anyone nw?

9)Any plans for tmr>
yesh, afta sch slack n play

10)What is th reason behind th last time you cried?
hu cares

11)Have you kissed anyone whose name strt wif C

12)Name someone hu make ue smile today

13)Name a friend whose name strt wif Z

14)Among all ur friend,hu is th closest?

15)do you prefer call or text?
text, more privacy:)

16)Was ytd btr thn today?

17)Can you live a day without ur hp n tv?
nonononononono! my hp=baby

18)Did you tink relationship are worth it?
see see lor

19)last person you visit in hospital?
erm, i tink my aunt or grandma

20)what is ur last text say in ur inbox?
XD Hahas- by baby<3

hahas, all my weird answers
today ,morning having stomach ache
i bear it all th way till pe
during assembly
having stomach ache
feel like fainting
n vomiting
lucking th assemly over
can sit down
let my mind heal
in pe bust complainting
n nt talketive
or hyper
nt feeling well = nt hyper nt chatter box

afta pe feel btr
can tok more
today gt 5 free period for mi
2 period pe,
1period el
2 period cme
cool rite?

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

hahas, bck for my parents'friend hse
went their to visit aunty jennifer
she nt long ago went for operation
so gogo visit
so long nvr see her
feel so gd to see her

her hse is like
enter n ahhh
she on air con, fan
like omg, th family is so rich

went n tok to zoe
she so chio bu!
bt dk her height is th same as mine
thn like mi ,zoe n my mom stand tgt
like triple
all same height
thn my mom jealous say she talker
is zoe tat is talker thn mi thn my mom
bt she dun admit it

while toking
i saw spongebob on her bed
so cute
i kip hugging it
sry baby, he is more cute:)
thn suddenly my mom n aunty jen came in
n strt toking abt studies=.=
n tution=.=
n everything abt studies..
i hate study!!!
my mom even ask zoe to teach mi
wa lao
so embrassing

ok thn tok n tok thn go home:)
basically, tis is wad happen today
so ya cya!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

looks like my exams are over
bt th prob is..
whn having exams,
ue will wish hurry over
bt whn exams over liao
u will tink very sian
dunno wad to do

nw currently listening
to run devil run
jessica look sooo
omfg cute
she so pretty
like ms lai:D

ms lai i miss her...
she is a veri gd teacher
everybody wish
all teacher can b
like her


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

exams are over..
ok la left one more ppl mt lc
no nid study
just dig ears can pass liao
finally can relax n play liao
damn happy
ytd really ruin my mood

ytd during recess,
i,darling n bestie went canteen buy milo
goin up tat time
saw one teacher shouting from
th opposite block of my class to my class block
we saw him shouting
knwoing tat he is crazy we continue walking up
thn reacher classroom liao
th crazy teacher came my class n shout n scream
he even smack my friend table
i so wan revenge
thn th funny thing is
whn he scolding
his voice break
he even insulted my class
damn fucker

today art exams
i last nite chiong prep board
joseph oso ask mi how do th art
it was like
joseph:erm, th art how to do?can help mi?
mi:ue nid to drawing pic thn blah blah....(lazy to type)
mi:ue haven do them?
mi:all three?
mi:wad de fuck?u gotta die soon
joseph:draw lines onli. it is th easiest.
45 mins ltr....
mi:all three?
joseph:yeah. omg i took 45 mins.record
mi:wad th fuck so fast? confirm anyhow do.
mi:anyhow do la u
joseph:y kip saying i anyhow do?
mi:coz u do so fast.
thn th story continues n blah blah...lazy type agn

i took 3 hrs do board 3
he took 45 mins for all 3
damn fast
bt confirm anyhow do

today exam cannot tok
bt end up my whole class tok n tok
th teacher dun care one
she even joke wif us
so fun
thn nth do
i kip looking at wan qin drawing
her drawing make mi like cookie monster more wad de diao

celeste ask wan qin to let her see
she dun wan
i go take n let celeste see
whn wan qin turn bck
whn i put bck she turn front n stare at mi
thn amanda wan see
wan qin agn turn bck
i go take agn
thn she turn front
i put bck
n wan qin call mi stalker=.=
while celeste laugh

whenever i look at wan qin
she call mi stalker
thn i see fengyi,
dun wan see wan qin coz she will call mi stalker
fengyi saw mi stare at her
i stare bck
wan qin tot i stare at her
call mi stalker agn
zz i nvr stare at her

i stare bck at fengyi agn
she oso stare bck
i smile at her lor
she oso smile bck thn laugh

afta tat celeste wan tell fengyi smth
celeste tried nt to talk bt open mouth onli
fengyi tot she tok
n kip saying cant hear
n i was laughing
thn i stare bck at wan qin
she call mi stalker agn

must call mi stalker de meh
bestie done her work liao chat wif her
she took 2hr10mins
i took 1hr 50mins
celste took 2hr 10mins
amnada took 2hr 25mins
fyi, th paper is 2hr 30 mins
so ya amanda nearly cant do finish

th teacher oso kip asking us to go wash hand afta doin art
thn come bck from toilet
she go check th hand one
lol sia
she tot brian was chinese
go tok to him in chinese
brain cant speak chinese sia
thn she no choice tok in english lor
she say powerful
become powderful
like my mom
ancient become anixous
reponsible become repond
wad a prefect english they hav rite
okok i m like insulting my mom
sry mommy!

toking abt my mom
gt one time whn my whole family watching tv
thn my dad ask mi th tv ppl which one pretty
i ask felica
thn my dad oso agree
my mom go stare at him
thn gt one advertisment
saying a fat lady selling sweets or smth like tat
my dad told mi last time ppl hu r fat r pretty
those shinny nt pretty
thn i point to my mom
n say
mi:tis one leh?pretty a not?
*mom stare at dad*
dad:aiya of coz pretty la! she very pretty one.
*dad go massage mom*

i tink dad scare kena kill by my mom
whn my mom like 'harrass' my dad or bro
damn funny
bt veri th pedo
tok abt th part thr

okok i go watch show liao


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today ytd was last day of studying
no la still nid study one
as in stop awhileXD
tmr art exam
nid do wad 3 board
thn wad
i onli done 1.5 board
nw currently doing second board
goin bck to do liao bai~!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i m bck~!
pshh, i m nt dead i will blog everyday~!!!
i tink i m goin crazy liao>.>
today is history
a lot n i mean a lot ppl nvr study history
just like bestie...
ME:gt study hist?
Bestie:erm ya..bt chapter 4 no.
Me:ohhh..thn how
Bestie:skip all chapter 4 questions lor

for hist dunno y they ask us to bring th question paper bck
mayb all papers can bring bck
onli mr ho wan them
afta hist
i n bestie go collect file
collect alr thn walk to mrt
walk halfway
bestie call mi ask mi come bck
i was like wad de fucking hell

waste my time
mr ho ask us come bck one..
stupid mr ho
done th things liao thn can go bck
saw mi class pedo boiz on th way

4 more papers, one last day of study,
wish mi luck!


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Saturday, May 8, 2010

i m bck to posting
so busy these few days
so sry ar...
geo,eng n chi exams over liao
eng okok la
chi er...
dun ask
geo k lets just say it is f-ing easy

during thrus
eng =free period
as eng teacher ms lai(fav teacher)
is giving birth
n th relief teacher coming
on july
so all eng period is free
thn th boys playin true or dare
thn is yun sheng turn
he say dare
ppl ask him go wear spec for mi
thn tat time i was toking to chester abt art
suddenly come n ask for my spec n goo put bck

n gorden kip sayin
i n chester kip flirting
i tink is coz i n chester kip toking to each other in class afta recess
almost everywhere
i guess we both like to tok

i oso heard from chester tat yu kai n his gf dunno wad happen
his gf nvr reply him or smth
thn all day so sad
cheer him up no use
n david ask mi to do it=.=
i tink thr goin to b rumors
tat i n chester,i n yu kai, i n yun sheng
n idk liao
bt gt ppl say i like joseph
like wtf
i so fucking dun like him
onli as friend

okok i m goin to update my music alr


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Friday, April 30, 2010

i m bck~!

today goin to cousin hse
coz i dunno
morning i wan slp oso cant
i wanna slp
i m goin to b like jae sang..
just great
any way
today is oso the 1 of may
meaning my bro bday is comin in 25 days
i wonder wad present he will get
my bday present nvr get
so i must jys liao.....

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i m nw starting to post more
today gt chi exam
sian confirm fail
first paper
gt compo n letter writing
thn i done liao
go slp
thn wake up to pass up
thn i wan hand up compo
my compo gone zzzz
my compo fly out of th classroom
zzz i hate th classroom design
thn mr ho ask mi go look for it
bt dun hav zz
afta everybody pass up
i n mr hoho
go look for it
he go ask ppl
while i daydream
thn lucky found it
it is at 2/7 classroom
from 4 floor to 2 floor
thn chi paper 2
for first section
out of 10 ques
i onli able to do 3=.=
confirm fail
no lie one lor
afta exam nid stay bck for art
i brought my art kit
end up nvr do one lor

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i like so sry abt my dead blog
seriously i m
i m damn fucking buz tis few weeks

today i gt english exam sadly
first paper 1hr plus...
zzz everybody finish it like in 40 50 mins?
n left 40 50 mins plus
so slp lor
everybody slp one de
so sweet

thn papaer 2...
zzzz la
last 20 mins i hav to chiong summary...
confirm fail
no lie

wanna go home go buy burgar
bt dun hav
so buy chicken lor

took mrt home
saw hui qi on th way
okok i wanna go find new blogskin n chg url liao
see ya!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

i m bck,
nw finally gt time to post at home
can die being in sch
today morning dad fetch mi to sch th usual
thn in class wan qin brought chewing gum
i took one,jae sang took one,joseph n other boiz n galz took oso
first period is dnt
teacher pass us dnt test...
mi 38/50
amanda 26/50
delia 32 or 36/50
tats all i know
thn afta dnt
joseph sabo mi
he tell jae sang tat i put my shoes for art ytd on his table
fuck sia
thn maths
mrs ng agn mad
anyhow scold
thn suddenly during class like happy a bit
teach class like so boring
i go eat th gum wan qin giv
bt so sad
mrs ng found out
bt weird nvr scold mi...
music busy playin com
nvr listen to class
i use mahbuba work to pass up hehe...
lazy is like tat one..
okok gtg bbai bai

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i m nw in sch for fireworks...
nt th real fireorks hor
is th dunno wad it thingy

during class sms to kor
love to bully him
-eyes shining-

dunno y kor sad oso
so try cheer him up
by telling him jokes.....
i wanna go fb liao bai bai
n btw kira is a bad boi

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

hii all!
i m nt dead ok?
i m just busy
busy wif hw n exam n stuff etc etc
so ya bck to blogging
so ya erm...
lol=.= dunno wad to say
all i know is maths teacher is crazy n tmr gt nafa
confirm die one la
maths teacher giv 4 maths revivion
n tmr nid run 8rounds
both = die

btw i mayb chg url n blog skin as i m sick of it...

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

let just say tat i haven update for abt 1 week alr
busy wif hw,fb,banned story etc etc
n ya u noe la....

on 2 apirl gt pe for first two periods
soo th usual...
must runT.T
zzz thn do sit n reach
woot i gt 38
bt lose to fengyi
sad sad

on thursday gt dnt test
zzz first question idk how do alr
i onli know one answer
is fashion designer
rest idk nvr study
friday gt cca
hang out wif my bestie n darling

we even took pic
bestie take pic
darling n mi pose
so nice!
we call bestie take coz i n darling dunno how take=.=

during cca nid put posters
go around n put
dk y rui en wan put mi n rebecca(2/5)
thn she say n rebecca veri pei tgt

afta stick go n work one badges
i onli do research thn go n play
so sad kena caught by balpreet
afta research go home!!

okok gtg liao bai bai!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

sry for nt updating,
busy wif work n bannedstory so nvr update
although i on9 on msn almost everyday,
i nvr go blog
so ps if i nvr update
forgiv mi

i will update more on weekends
so plz w8

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

ps ytd nvr update coz late come bck
plus ytd make ice cream
so nice sia
my group make th ice cream damn nice
eat a lot btw
chester group one oso nice bt slimy
yun sheng group one tastless=.=
celeste took a pic of mi taking th ice cream=.=
zzz fuck la

today is apirl fool day
everyone is trying to fool each other
morning go to sch in class
i look at wan qin
she look bck
i stare at her she stare bck
she say hi
i say hi
thn say my button nt button up
i look down n see
thn she say apirl fool day=.=
kena fool in th mroning alr
so fast
thn joseph come to class
someone trick joseph tat his wallet drop
he look down
we say apirl fool day
bt he still continue searching for his wallet=.=
during lesson
kena pissed by jae sang agn
thn i use wad wan qin said to mi in th morning
i won
jae sang kena tricked by mi
thn chinese hav to copy things
i cheated btw
bt miss one
thn teacher wan mi remember it==
i wanna go home sia
bt today her last day
coz nid go giv birth
i guess tats all
signing off!!

i will always be wif ue.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

today my birthday!!
i dunno y so happy for getting old n sad for geteting present.
today morning go sch myself agn woot!!!
thn w8 for th gate to open
while waiting, kena caught by dm for nt wearing name tag..
thn i gt one msg for miranda~!!
yay! she remember my bday
bt some dun(*looking at th some*)

ok thn in class daydreaming n waiting for bff
mahbuba come to class liao thn say
happy birthday!
tok to celeste oso
celeste thn sms mi happy birthday
some ppl gt say happy birthday to mi wakakak
thn during canteen
saw mei,
she come to mi,
tell mi her hp broke=.=
th touch screen crack
wa...i wonder how can th screen crack
thn she say dunno wad she throw th hp on th floor
y she thorw in th first place

thn lesson
during sci
nixon teach mi how make frog
th frog i make so cute
he so gd to mi

thn el
ms lai angry coz ppl nvr bring hw
or do
afta el thn chi=.=
yang lao shi come to class
thn nid to compo
n jae sang kip asking mi how write words

toking abt jae sang, jae sang n yu kai nid chg seats
n i m stuck wif blur sotong
during class
i wan do my work
he kip asking mi things
so annoying sia
u wan do ur things n thn gt one blur sotong kip asking u things
i nearly shouted becoz of him
so angry sia
i wan to chg seat
at least joseph is btr thn jae sang
jae sang damn fucking blur=.=

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

goin to eat buffet today
to celebrate my_ _ _ _

gimme my present!!
gimme more
gimme more

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

today is 27 march...


goin to my bday soon
n today is jjlin bday oso i tink
so sad my bday on weekday=.=

y m i so happy abt getting old=.=
i wan get old, bt dun wan oso
weird sia=.=

n ps weiyan
sry ar nvr put r name.
goin to liao!
doin it nw!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

today morning went sch for oral=.=
i so scare sia
i dun even know wad they testing
i oso nvr learn
lucky amanda 1st
i second
whn enter th hall
guess hu my timer is:nobody
thn mrs ng is th next group timer
my group was like heng
thn guess wad
mrs ng go move her table
end up she is timing both group
great, just great
oral strt liao
some ppl bust praying others daydreaming
thn my turn liao
mrs ng first say is
: whr is ur name tag siwei?
mi:in my bag
:ok, whn i say strt u turn over th paper is strt reading, whn i say stop, turn bck th paper.

lol much
done oral liao.
went to canteen tok to friend n classmate
thn go buy drink n chicken brugar( i sotta forget how spell)
thn went to bus stop w8 for bus
w8 n w8.
saw rita,bitches,fengyi n a few others
idk y i nvr rise hand, bus know how come
lol board th bus liao
thn inside eating n drinking n of coz listening to music
reach home liao
dad dunno y ask mi y so early come bck
it was like 9.30 whn i reach home
coz oral haha
ur number first,
u can go home early
so sry for ppl whose number is at th bck
went home play wif dad phone thn slp
so nice my slp
daddy oso on air con for mi
teehee thanks ue daddy
i wake up 12+ to eat my lunch
idk how many times i talk my father nt to buy tofu
bt he still buy
argh, i hate it
it sux
thn drink honey n go play com!!

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today go bck to sch agn...
morning sms to kor
idk y i like to sms to him
teehee so fun sms to him one

today went discovery centre
i partner celeste
we kip watching shows
th best is th army one ;hoho
4d de wahahaha
near to th end of th show amanda scream
th show: bang bang boooommmm

very loud sia
ear pain

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i at sch blogging n fb-in woohoo
bt too sad no dota
i wanna play dota sia
so fun kill n kill ppl

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yo i m bck
today gt oral so scare sia
last nite busy slacking so nvr study
th oral like psle lor
soo th same
my teacher>>>> MRS ALISON CHEONG
hod oso
coz first class ma
thn whn oral done liao nid w8 in front
dunno y take so long
thn my turn liao
tok n tok
thn she ask th conversation
it is abt endangered animals
thn i say rino
she was like
:oh!!!i didnt know rino was an endangered animal i onli tot dino
i was like waiting for her to say finish
she realise it n say:oh,i so sry plz continue
thn she ask more question
n agn:wow.i didnt know tat...i m sry plz continue

nw i know y th ppl take so long is coz of her
bt thn agn
she is soooo gd
so nice
mi like!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

new bloggy skin!!
nice hor
i anyhow seacrh one hehe...
anyways tis blog btr no spammers n i m getting btr in blog
so sad tmr gt oral=.=
plus on nixon bday too hahahs
bad luck lor
toking abt bad luck,i hav to write th angel mortal letter to gorden=.=
so gd others gt btr one
i wonder hu gt mine
thn sun jian during class kip asking mi to chg mortal
i was like...
sun jian:plz?
sun jian:plz?
sun jian:plz?
sun jian:plz?
sun jian:plz?
sun jian:plz?
mi:NO!!!!!!I SAID NO!!!!(everybody look at mi)
er...is sunjian fault.he make mi shout
sun jian:plz?


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Saturday, February 20, 2010

i m bck sry for nt posting forgiv mi hehe.
okok i will onli say th hw k?

eng-if u haven done
maths-Q1-13(nixon fault)
i tink tat is all.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

sry for nt posting guys coz th blogskin gt prob.




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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i m siwei...i m in charge of the blog...any thing u wan mi to add plz tell.

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